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Guidelines For Grant Requests


(1)    Organization's name, address, phone number, fax and e-mail.

(2)    Name and title of person to be contacted.

(3)    Brief Statement of:

        (a)    The history of the organization;

        (b)    The purpose for the grant request and your mission statement.

(4)    Supplemental information about the organization.

        (a)    List of officers and directors, full or part-time positions with salary compensation package and, the year they joined the organization or board.

        (b)    Federal Tax Determination Letter for 501(c)(3) from the IRS with your number on it.

(5)    Expenditure Information

        Each organization shall submit specific information as to expenditures. This information needs to include the following:

            Total Income

            Total Program Service Expense

            Management & General Expenses

            Fund Raising Expenses (if salary expense is included, list separately)


                    1.    Annual salary

                    2.    Contribution to benefit plan

                    3.    Other allowances       

    Number of Paid Staff

    Number of Volunteers (uncompensated)

(6)    Amount requested.

(7)    Most recent 990

(8)    If you are part of a national organization, what percentage goes to your national office.

The deadlines for the requests are March 1st and September 1st.  Upon receipt, each request will be reviewed on a preliminary basis.  This information will not be accepted by phone or e-mail.  The Lattner Family Foundation will notify your organization by mail.  Notification letters are sent out approximately twelve weeks after the late spring and fall meeting.

Thank you for submitting your grant request.

The Lattner Family Foundation



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